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Whether you’re a homeowner working on a DIY project or yard clean up, or a business involved in a major construction or renovation project, Bassendean skip bins provide a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly way to handle all your waste disposal needs.

Coastal Waste Management offers an outstanding range of Bassendean skip bins, rugged, open containers that are ideal for holding and removing all kinds of rubbish from old furniture to construction debris. All our models feature ramps for easy access, and we also offer hook lift bins in a range of sizes.

Skip bins Bassendean usage is easy. You simply book one or more of our Bassendean skip bins according to your requirement and get to work filling them with your rubbish. When the skips are full, we’ll take care of picking them up and dumping the rubbish in the way. This frees you up to focus on your main job be it clearing, building or renovating or any other task that demands effective waste disposal.

Skip bin hire Bassendean also lets you organise your site in a safe and tidy manner. That way you don’t leave potentially hazardous objects such as glass, metal and lumps of concrete lying around.

How Skip Bins Bassendean Works

Hiring your perfect Bassendean skip bins from your reliable local skip bin hire, Coastal Waste Management, is a fast and convenient process. Just follow these simple steps at our website.

Step 1

Click on the ‘Book Now’ button and choose the number and size of Bassendean skip bins you require. We offer a full range of skips ranging from 2 metres (able to hold up to 2 trailer loads of rubbish) up to 10 metres (with a capacity of up to 12 trailer loads). Our standard length of hire is 7 days, but you can make prior arrangements if you require a longer or shorter period or you want the skip picked up early.

Step 2

Choose what kind of waste you plan to deal with. Choices range from typical construction waste such as rubble and timber to garden waste including branches, prunings and weeds. Materials such as asbestos and objects such as batteries will require separate handling.

Step 3

Fill in your desired drop-off and pick-up dates along with your personal details such as address. Then enter your billing information. We’ll confirm and you’ll be set for delivery. We accept payment by cash, cheque and offer fee-free transactions on credit card purchases.

If you have any questions give us a call on (08) 9592 9420 or send an email to

The Many Benefits of Bassendean Skip Bins

Great Value

Hiring skip bins in Bassendean WA is a highly efficient and scalable way to handle your waste disposal jobs. You only need to hire enough bins of the right size for your needs so there’s no waste involved. Should you need more capacity, simply get on the phone and we’ll arrange as many extra bins as you require.

Skip bins also come in varying sizes and we can choose the right dimensions for your particular needs. Our comprehensive range of skips can accommodate everything from a modest home spring cleaning all the way up to factory extensions or renovations

As we take care of all the transport needs, you have no need for expenditure on vehicles and loading equipment. We pick up the filled skip bin hire Bassendean and deliver them to our facility for recycling and eventual disposal in a landfill. Visiting landfills is a dirty job that can be dangerous so it’s best left to the professionals who are equipped and trained for the task.

Plus, as experts with long experience in handling skip hires, we know how to work effectively with a minimum of fuss and mess. We know how to deal with rubbish, so you don’t have to.

Environmentally Friendly

Arranging your skip hire in Bassendean WA with Coastal Waste lets you relax, secure in the knowledge that your waste is bring disposed with care and consideration and in an eco-friendly manner. We’re driven by our Zero Waste philosophy which aspires to recycle as much as possible while minimising the amount dumped in landfills.

Perth Skip Bin Hire – Your Questions Answered

How Much Rubbish Can I Put in My Skip?

This depends on the capacity of the skip you select. When you order your skip bin, you’ll have a choice of sizes ranging from 2-20 metres which is enough for all major purposes. All our skips have the capacity painted on the side. Our skip bins are intended to be filled to the top. However, overfilling is not allowed for safety and legal reasons,  and our drivers will remove excess items that might cause a problem.

What Kinds of Items Can I Put in My Skip?

When making our order you’ll be asked to specify the kinds of rubbish you plan on disposing. Certain items cannot go into the bins but we can arrange to pick them up separately. These include asbestos, tyres, batteries, gas bottles, paint and liquids and hazardous wastes in general.

Should you need further clarification, just call us on (08) 9592 9420 or get in touch by email to

Take Charge of Your Waste Management Today

Skip bins offer a waste management solution that’s cost effective, hassle-free and environmentally friendly. To find out how Perth’s leading waste management experts at Coastal Waste can help you, please call us on today to find out all about skip bin hire in Bassendean WA.

If you are located in the Armadale region please visit our skip bin hire Armadale for more info about our services there.

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