Whether you’re a keen home DIYer or a major construction company starting on a project, one matter you must consider right from that start is that of properly handling all the rubbish, junk and waste products that accumulate during any building undertaking.

Getting rid of debris is a vital component in any project and neglecting this key area could result in considerable problems down the line. A cluttered and rubbish-strewn site is unsightly, dangerous and does your reputation no good at all.

That said, getting rid of that rubbish is not a task you should take lightly. It’s a messy, complicated and potentially risky job that also has legal ramifications.

That’s why it’s best to factor in professional rubbish removal from the onset to ensure it’s an ongoing process that’s carried out safely and consistently.

No matter if you’re a homeowner doing a small job such as adding a conservatory to your house, or you’re a contractor putting up a new housing estate, you will want to avoid letting your worksite become a rubbish dump.

Here’s a look at why getting rid of rubbish properly is so important, and why investing in a commercial rubbish removal service can save you time, money and unwanted frustration.  

Getting Rid of Rubbish – A Dirty but Necessary Job

Any building or renovation project involves a massive accumulation of rubbish. Items range from used containers, earth, green waste such as trees and branches, copious amounts of rubble, and old furniture and fittings from demolished buildings and other structures. That’s a huge amount to deal with, and handling it effectively has its own logistical needs. It has to be sorted, put into on-site skip bins and shipped off for processing all without interfering with the day-to-day running of the work site. In short, it demands a unique style of project management that only a local rubbish removal company with experience and resources can provide. What’s more, proper rubbish disposal rises to a whole new level if hazardous material is involved. This can include everything from electronic components such as batteries, asbestos in inner walls and other parts of a building’s structure, and substances such as paint, gas and oils. Speed is another issue. You want your worksite to run like clockwork but waiting for the local authority to pick up your rubbish can take weeks or even months. Meanwhile, your site is being clogged up causing safety and health problems, generally hampering efficiency and becoming an eyesore. The smart and elegant solution to this problem is to hire a local rubbish removal company to handle the whole disposal business. Using professionals ensures a neat and safe site while freeing you up to focus on the all-important matters at hand. Ultimately, hiring professionals to remove your debris makes sound economic sense as well. Just think that every minute your staff work on clearing debris and filling rubbish skips is one less minute they could be spending on their core jobs. Another intangible but vitally important benefit is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a team of professionals is handling the all-important job of construction rubbish removal. This is especially true when hazardous materials are involved.  

What’s the Difference between Recycling, Greenwaste, and Regular Waste?

There was a time when rubbish was rubbish, and it was all disposed of the same way. Those days are long gone. Due to a slew of laws, both federal and local, and a general awareness of proper ecological conduct, today’s rubbish has to be carefully sorted and processed as part of the disposal business. As this is a complex and messy task, it’s another solid reason for hiring a professional rubbish-cleaning company to take charge of the whole business. It’s important to understand that these various types of rubbish often require different disposal methods because of their type and classification. General waste is straightforward to dispose of and often simple to recycle. This includes light construction waste such as rubble, old furniture and other fittings and objects made of cardboard and plastic. As construction materials represent around half of all the waste generated around the globe, the potential saving from recycling is huge. Among the many kinds of building materials that can be recycled are glass, wood, plastics, plasterboard, bricks and blocks and much more. Entrusting your workplace rubbish disposal to experts will help ensure that more of these are put to use rather than dumped in ever-increasing landfills. Another issue is that of hazardous waste. Perth suffers from particular problems with asbestos from wall linings and other sources. These materials demand special handling for health and safety reasons. Other types of waste that require special handling includes green waste such as felled trees, tree trimmings, branches and leaves, weeds and grass and various garden by-products. Sorting out rubbish into its proper categories is an unpleasant and specialised task. There’s also the issue of how to properly handle recyclables. It makes more sense to spend your time on the core matters of your business. You can then relax, secure in the knowledge that professional rubbish disposal experts are handling your waste removal tasks.  

Safety & Organisation of Waste

  Another critical reason to ensure effective rubbish removal is safety. You owe it to your staff and contracted workers to maintain a safe construction site. Otherwise, the potential for accidents is enormous, whether from workers tripping over piles of building rubbish, slipping on seeping liquids, or coming into contact with hazardous materials. Should such mishaps occur, you don’t just have to worry about your affected personnel. You also have to consider wasted time through lost work hours, possible compensation payments, legal ramifications and much more. Dealing with heavy, bulky or hazardous rubbish items found on building sites requires the use of powerful machineries such as excavators and bobcats, along with skip bins of convenient sizes. Employing the services of professional junk removal Perth experts ensures you have use of such gear in a very cost-effective manner along with the trained personnel needed to operate them. Junk removal Perth and WA services can also supply you with skip bins to handle all your waste. These come in varying sizes and types and choosing the right ones for your particular project will help ensure you get value for money. It can be very frustrating to hire a skip that’s too small, for example, while hiring too many or ones that are too large is wasteful. When the skips fill up, your rubbish service will take them away for disposal and set you up with new ones if needed. Trying to dispose of your rubbish yourself could lead to all sorts of problems. You generally must be registered and have to know exactly where to dump it and what kinds of trash can be recycled. It’s a tricky task with legal implications which are often in flux, meaning that only professionals who are involved in this kind of work on a daily basis can keep up to date with regulations. In other words, don’t entrust your waste disposal needs to cowboys. You’ve no idea where they’ll dump it, and you may end up responsible.  

Avoiding Rubbish Removal Fines

  Both federal and local authorities are increasingly strict about all environmental matters, especially concerning proper waste disposal. For this reason, you need to be especially careful when collecting, storing and getting rid of the rubbish at your worksite. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal hot water and being subject to fines and taking a hit on your reputation. As the laws regarding the environment are constantly being added to and amended, it takes professional rubbish removalists to keep abreast of things and ensure you’re strictly compliant.  


  Professional rubbish removalists have the experience, training and equipment to deal with all kinds of waste materials and ensure they’re disposed of safely and properly. Hiring unprofessional workers could backfire. Should they dispose of your rubbish in an illegal spot, it can be traced back to you, and you’ll be responsible for all legal issues. One warning sign here is that the firm doesn’t provide you with a waste transfer note that signifies proper disposal has been carried out. A local rubbish removal company can also provide an event cleanup service to deal with the rubbish left behind after parties, conferences, festivals, sporting events, concerts and other grand occasions. When you embark on a construction project, whether putting up new buildings, extending an existing structure or making adjustments or additions, the issue of construction rubbish removal should be an area of focus high on your agenda. So, don’t let your worksite become a rubbish dump. If you’re in need of professional, affordable construction rubbish removal services in Perth and surrounding suburbs, contact Coastal Waste Management. We offer a full range of rubbish removal services carried out by trained personnel operating dedicated machinery. Driven by our ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy, we use the latest waste management methods and technology to ensure maximum recycling and safe and efficient rubbish disposal.  

About the Author

  • Jack Sims has been an integral part of Coastal Waste Management since 2019, serving as the Sales Manager. Prior to joining Coastal, he honed his expertise as a Business Development Manager at JJ Richards. With a passion for sustainable waste solutions, Jack brings years of hands-on experience in the industry. He is dedicated to offering customers eco-friendly and efficient waste management services.