Proactive in the preservation of the environment

Residential, commercial & industrial waste has a negative impact on the environment, which is why as a recycling companies Perth, as the city of Perth recycling services, we can help reduce pollution and ensure the environment that is free of harmful chemicals.

Perth recycling service - recycling centre Perth

Perth recycling service

Coastal Waste Management is recycling companies Perth that aiming to minimise the amount of waste that is taken to landfill or recycling centre Perth. Whether it’s residential or industrial recycling, you have we can help you to do your part in preserving the environment. Use our skip bins and return them to our Waste Transfer Station for recycling and sorting.

Coastal Waste Zero Waste Recycling Policy

By sorting recyclable waste, we aim to minimise the amount of waste and rubbish that is taken to landfill or recycling centre Perth.

As notable city of Perth recycling services, our Zero Waste Policy applies to all our recycling efforts throughout WA. Whether residential, commercial or industrial recycling, everyone plays in part in preserving the environment.

Coastal Waste skip bins are delivered directly to our Waste Transfer Station for sorting and recycling – helping to reduce the risk of pollution and preserve our environment for future generations. Step up your Perth recycling efforts with Coastal Waste Perth recycling service and help us work towards Zero-Waste in WA.

Types of Recycling We Offer

The vast majority of the waste brought back to our transfer station is made up of the following products:

Timber can be reused for building materials, reprocessed into mulch or pulp. By recycling wood, you can reduce the number of trees that are cut down.

Perth recycling service

To avoid waste materials from entering landfills, bricks are recycled and crushed to produce new bricks.

Perth recycling service

The process of waste paper recycling Perth involves mixing used/old paper with water and chemicals to break it down. This is then chopped up heated, and further broken down into strands of cellulose. This resulting mixture is called pulp, or slurry and recycled into new paper. Paper recycling Perth services can help you on this process.

Perth recycling service

Cardboard recycling Perth is the reprocessing and reuse of thick sheets or stiff multilayered papers that have been used, discarded or regarded as waste.

Perth recycling service

You can recycle metal without altering its properties. The most common recyclable metals include aluminium and steel.

Perth recycling service

The process of plastic recycling Perth can be used to recover scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products. Go for plastic recycling Perth for a better environment.

Perth recycling service

Green waste
Yard trimmings, leaves, and flower cuttings can be decomposed and recycled to produce green waste.

Perth recycling service

Concrete recycling is an increasingly common process of reusing rubble for new construction projects.

Perth recycling service

Recycling Benefits

  • Recycling conserves energy
  • Reduces air and water pollution
  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Conserves natural resources

Recycling Centre Perth

Following our zero waste recycling policy, we make sure that all of your recycleable waste will go to the local recycling centre Perth. We have been working with several recycling centre in Perth that scattered all of the Metro and Suburbs area to ease the recycling process.

Recycling Articles and Blogs

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