The City of Belmont has announced the introduction of a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) kerbside collection service, set to commence in early 2024.

This initiative places Belmont as the 19th local government in Western Australia to adopt this eco-friendly waste management system.

The new service is expected to revolutionize waste handling in the area, aligning with the State Government’s Waste Strategy 2030, which mandates all local councils to implement a three-bin FOGO system by 2025.

The FOGO system, which separates organic waste from general waste, is a response to the growing landfill concerns and aims at reducing waste to landfill, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving soil health through the use of FOGO-derived compost.

The City has partnered with Veolia for the transition from a two-bin to a three-bin system, reflecting a substantial commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being.

Community Engagement and Support

The rollout of the FOGO program will be accompanied by an extensive educational campaign aimed at Belmont residents.

The campaign will provide crucial information on the benefits of FOGO, advice on separating organic waste, and details on the transition process.

The City plans to engage with the community through a series of pop-ups, encouraging residents to embrace the new system and contribute to a greener future.

To facilitate this transition, the City of Belmont has been granted two Waste Authority grants totalling $879,270.

Additionally, the Western Australian Government has increased per-household funding to local governments as part of a $20 million commitment to support the FOGO rollout, underlining the state-wide push towards improved waste recovery and recycling efforts.

Implementing FOGO stands as a significant action by local governments towards meeting Western Australia’s targets for material recovery.

The amount of waste recovered through this service has surged from 11,000 tonnes in 2017 to over 65,000 tonnes by 2023.

A Call to Action for Belmont Residents

The introduction of the FOGO service represents a pivotal moment for waste management in Belmont, with the potential to significantly impact the local environment positively.

The success of this program hinges on community participation and commitment.

Residents are encouraged to adapt to the new waste sorting practices, which, although may require time to adjust, are crucial for the success of this initiative.

The City of Belmont and its officials, including Mayor Robert Rossi and Belmont MLA Cassie Rowe, have expressed their enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its alignment with the community’s values and commitment to sustainability.

The initiative is not just about managing waste more effectively; it’s about fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the environment.

As Belmont prepares for this significant change, the City is hosting a free FOGO Information Session to further educate and engage with residents.

This session will be an excellent opportunity for community members to learn more about the system, ask questions, and understand how they can contribute to a more sustainable Belmont.

For additional details on the FOGO initiative and upcoming events, residents are encouraged to visit the City of Belmont’s official website or follow the project updates on Belmont Connect.

Improving Waste Solutions Beyond FOGO

While the City of Belmont advances its waste management through the FOGO program, there remains an opportunity to connect this initiative with the skip bin hire industry.

Skip bin hire in Belmont can complement FOGO efforts by providing solutions for non-organic waste that cannot be composted.

By promoting responsible waste segregation, skip bin companies can play a vital role in ensuring that only appropriate waste types are processed through FOGO systems, while other materials are handled separately.

This collaboration between municipal waste programs and private waste services can enhance overall waste management efficiency and contribute to the broader environmental goals of reducing landfill use and improving recycling rates.

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  • Jack Sims has been an integral part of Coastal Waste Management since 2019, serving as the Sales Manager. Prior to joining Coastal, he honed his expertise as a Business Development Manager at JJ Richards. With a passion for sustainable waste solutions, Jack brings years of hands-on experience in the industry. He is dedicated to offering customers eco-friendly and efficient waste management services.