In our constant pursuit of innovation and improving customer service and operational excellence, we have partnered with WasteVantage to revolutionize our skip bin hire process.

Our dedication to providing efficient, sustainable waste solutions has led us to seek out the best in technological advancements.

WasteVantage, a comprehensive skip bin hire management software, stood out as the perfect match for our needs. This software is designed to optimize every aspect of our operations, from task management to fleet tracking, ensuring that we can serve you faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Adopting WasteVantage was a decision driven by our commitment to excellence. Our teams have been working closely with the software experts at WasteVantage to ensure a seamless transition that maintains the integrity of our services during the rollout phase.

We’re adapting our workflows to leverage the full potential of WasteVantage’s features, ensuring that we continue to exceed your expectations.

What This Means for Our Customers

The integration of WasteVantage into our services is set to bring about several benefits directly to you:

  • Quicker Booking Process. Get your skip bin booked in fewer steps and with greater accuracy in delivery times.
  • Eco-friendly Operations. Streamlining our operations not only boosts efficiency but also reduces our carbon footprint, making every skip hire in Perth an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Enhanced Customer Support. With improved data management, our team can address your queries and concerns with greater speed and precision.

A Future of Continuous Improvement

This upgrade is just the beginning. We’re excited about the possibilities that WasteVantage opens up for future enhancements to our services.

Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the waste management industry, offering you services that are not just effective but also environmentally responsible.

Your trust in us fuels our drive for improvement. This step towards enhancing our operations with WasteVantage is for you, our customers, who deserve the best in waste management solutions.

We look forward to your continued support as we embark on this exciting phase of our journey.

Stay connected with us for more updates on how we’re improving to serve you better. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to make waste management simpler and more sustainable for everyone.

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  • Jack Sims has been an integral part of Coastal Waste Management since 2019, serving as the Sales Manager. Prior to joining Coastal, he honed his expertise as a Business Development Manager at JJ Richards. With a passion for sustainable waste solutions, Jack brings years of hands-on experience in the industry. He is dedicated to offering customers eco-friendly and efficient waste management services.