The City of Kalamunda has started a new program called the Bin Tagging Program. Its goal is to teach people how to recycle correctly.

They are working with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) on this. They will check recycling and waste bins in different areas starting February 2024.

The program gives quick feedback to families. This helps them learn how to separate waste the right way. The people checking the bins will only look at what they can see on top. They respect everyone’s privacy.

This method has helped other places improve how they handle waste. It encourages people to take care of their environment. The program gives personal advice to help everyone do better.

Why Separating Waste Correctly Matters

Mixing up waste has been a big problem. It makes recycling harder and less efficient.

The Bin Tagging Program tries to fix this by using tags. These tags show if the waste was sorted right. They have ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ faces and give tips to do better.

This approach has worked well in other parts of Perth. It has made recycling rates go up and reduced the amount of trash going to landfills.

Good for the Environment and Economy

Sorting waste correctly is good for the planet and can save money. It means less trash goes to landfills.

Also, cleaner recycled materials can be turned into new products. This supports a community that keeps reusing resources.

The Bin Tagging Program in Kalamunda is a big step towards this goal. It aims to build a community that knows and follows good recycling practices.

This helps keep the environment clean and improves life in Kalamunda.

Expanding Recycling with Skip Bins in Kalamunda

Skip bins in Kalamunda are being utilized to help its recycling efforts. It provides a convenient solution for disposing of larger waste items that cannot be accommodated by regular recycling bins.

Skip bins can hold more waste that can’t go in regular bins. This helps make sure big items or too much trash don’t mess up the recycling process.

Hiring skip bins in Kalamunda to support waste management

These bins are strategically placed throughout the community, making it easier for residents to participate in sustainable waste management practices.

By encouraging the use of these skip bins, Kalamunda is taking proactive steps to reduce environmental impact and promote a cleaner, greener community.

It supports the Bin Tagging Program and helps maintain good recycling habits in the community.

This initiative complements the city’s broader waste management strategies, ensuring that all types of waste are handled efficiently and responsibly.

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