Moving house is no small feat, and without proper organisation, it can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why having a comprehensive list for moving house is crucial.

It acts as your roadmap, ensuring you don’t miss essential tasks or items, especially if you’re relocating to Perth. From packing supplies to scheduling movers and notifying utilities, a well-structured checklist keeps everything in order.

So, as you embark on this journey, arm yourself with a reliable list for moving house to make the transition as smooth as possible.

List for Moving House for the Move Preparation

You need to start preparing for your move about 4-6 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to get everything in order.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Get quotes from moving companies.
  • Make sure you have transit and household insurance for your move.
  • Book a reliable removalist company.
  • Don’t forget about car transportation and pet transport if you have pets.
  • Schedule any repairs needed at your new place.
  • Let important people know about your address change, like the Electoral Commission, car registration authorities, and your bank.
  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected.
  • Make sure your car is in good shape for the move.
  • Take a final look around your current place to make sure everything is sorted.

Tips for Moving House One Week Before Moving

As your moving day gets closer, there are some final things you need to take care of:

  1. Pack a bag with all the essentials you’ll need for the first few days at your new place.
  2. Give your removalist all the details they need for the move.
  3. Make a floor plan for your new home so you know where everything will go.
  4. Take note of any damages to your belongings before they’re moved.
  5. Get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore.
  6. Make sure your pantry, fridge, and garden shed are sorted out.
  7. Gather all your important documents in one place.
  8. Let everyone know about your change of address, including schools and childcare centres.

Advice for Moving House on Moving Day

On the big day, you want everything to go smoothly. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Be there to oversee the loading and unloading of your stuff.
  • Get everyone in your family involved in helping out.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings during the move.
  • Make sure to check off everything on your inventory list.
  • If something gets damaged, report it right away.

Checklists for Moving Into a New House

Before you start packing, consider creating checklists for moving into your new home to stay organised and on track with these tasks:

  1. Start preparing early.
  2. Get rid of things you don’t need anymore.
  3. Take apart big furniture to save space.
  4. Pack your dishes upright to avoid breakage.
  5. Take photos of your stuff before packing it up.
  6. Distribute the weight evenly in your boxes.
  7. Make sure to update your utilities with your new address.
  8. Let all your service providers know about your move.
  9. Choose a reliable removalist company to help you out.

A Smooth Move Ahead!

Moving house can be a daunting task, but with the right checklist and tips, it can be a breeze. Make sure to stay organised and give yourself plenty of time to get everything done.

Don’t forget to reach out to Coastal Waste Management for Skip Bins Perth. With a little planning and preparation, your move to a new home in Perth will be smooth and stress-free.

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