Looking for Skip Bin Hire in Fremantle?

If you’re needing prompt, affordable and reliable rubbish removal within the Fremantle area, Coastal Waste have the solution for you! Our commitment to delivering the highest quality services, as well as our Zero Waste philosophy, ensures that we are Fremantle’s leaders in skip bin hire. Whether it be historic heritage homes, to the bustling Fremantle markets, there are a multitude of residential, commercial and industrial areas within Fremantle. Evidently, the type of waste that is produced within this area ranges from domestic waste to larger quantities of commercial and industrial waste. Here at Coastal Waste, our extensive range of rubbish removal solutions, serve the needs for the entire Fremantle community.

Our Skip Bin Fleet

Coastal Waste skip bins are available in a range of sizes, and can accommodate all types of rubbish or waste. Our Skip Bin fleet includes a wide range of skip bin sizes, from 2m3 all the way up to 10m³, which is equal to 12 trailer loads! Our range of rubbish and waste removal services includes:
  • Skip Bin Hire
  • Hook Lift Bin Hire
  • Front Lift and Lidded Bin Services
  • Rear Lift and Wheelie Bin Services
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Liquid and Hazardous Waste Removal
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Convenient Skip Bin Hire

Coastal Waste is committed to offering outstanding value for skip bin hire in Perth, and we are always eager to beat competitor pricing. We provide instant Waste bin quotes, and offer convenient and easy booking through our Book-a-Bin system, saving you precious time!  Additionally, we can deliver same day skip bins if booked early in the day, and we always endeavour to deliver our skip bins as quickly as possible, to ensure an efficient service in removing your rubbish.

Leaders in Responsible Waste Management

Not only is Coastal Waste committed to delivering Perth’s best skip bin hire services, we are as strongly committed to being leaders in recycling and responsible waste management. Since 2005, Coastal Waste has been driven to reduce the amount of waste that is deposited in landfills, by focussing on sorting recyclable waste and promoting the reuse of rubbish and waste materials. Our Zero Waste philosophy means that we provide Eco Friendly Waste removal services for all of our customers regardless of the type of service or amount of rubbish or waste that is removed.

Our Services in the City of Fremantle

Coastal Waste services the following suburbs within the City of Fremantle : Beaconsfield postcode 6162, East Fremantle postcode 6158, Fremantle postcode 6160, Hilton postcode 6163, North Fremantle postcode 6159, O’Connor postcode 6163, Samson postcode 6163, South Fremantle postcode 6162, White Gum Valley postcode 6162

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