Australians own over 45 million appliances and 2.5 million of these end up in rubbish tips each and every year. This takes up valuable landfill space and causes many non-renewable materials to be released into the environment. Upgrading appliances is inevitable and we all have to do it now and then but we need to rethink how we dispose of them. White goods removal should not be handled the same way that we would handle general waste as they have different treatment requirements. From donating and recycling to using a skip bin for hire, there are many ways to dispose of white goods more responsibly.

Should I resell my white goods?

One big problem with our culture’s obsession with the brand new is that many people upgrade appliances before they need to, leading to a large proportion of white goods being thrown out when they are still in good condition. So if there really is nothing wrong with your old appliance, why not resell it? This is a great way to ensure that your appliance is being used to its full potential and you’ll know that you’re not throwing it away prematurely. Plus, this has the added bonus of actually earning you some money.

Should I donate my white goods?

If you don’t want to go through the process of selling your old goods, or if you just feel like being a good samaritan, the donation is another great option. Numerous charities accept appliance donations and will help you with your white goods removal. So if your white goods still work send them to someone in need by donating them.

Can I recycle my white goods?

Unfortunately, many white goods contain significant portions of valuable but non-renewable materials like plastics, metals and refrigerant gases among others. Improper white goods removal can lead to these materials, including toxic materials being released into the environment. Waste recycling companies can help retain these materials and reinject them into the economy.  One option would be to take any unwanted goods to a recycling and resource recovery centre.

Does my white goods manufacturer have a take-back program?

Some manufacturers offer take-back programs for their goods. These programs aim to collect old and used products and reuse their materials by reintroducing them into the manufacturing cycle. These programs often result in no cost for you and sometimes you can even get discounts for participating. So, find out if your supplier has a scheme like this and if so be sure to take advantage of it.

Should I use a skip bin hire near me?

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient solution to disposing of your white goods is having a skip bin for hire to take care of this issue for you. Reputable skip bin companies, like Coastal Waste, can take your goods off your hands. With our zero-waste philosophy, you can ensure that your white goods are being disposed of properly, with the least amount possible making it to landfill. Hiring a skip bin may be the easiest and most effortless way to handle your white goods disposal.

What size skip bin do I need?

So if a skip bin for hire sounds like your preferred method to remove your white goods, then you may be asking questions like “what size skip bin do I need?” or “How long should I get the skip bin for?” Our highly trained, professional staff can help you out with any questions you might have. 

At Coastal Waste, we service the entire metro area extending from the outermost northern suburbs all the way down to Mandurah.  Our online booking system is easy and we have some of the cheapest skip bin hire prices you can find. So if you have an old appliance that you need to get rid of, book now or give us a call at 9592 9420.

About the Author

  • Jack Sims has been an integral part of Coastal Waste Management since 2019, serving as the Sales Manager. Prior to joining Coastal, he honed his expertise as a Business Development Manager at JJ Richards. With a passion for sustainable waste solutions, Jack brings years of hands-on experience in the industry. He is dedicated to offering customers eco-friendly and efficient waste management services.