As our population continues to grow, so does the amount of waste we produce. As a result, local councils are under increasing pressure to find efficient and cost-effective ways to manage waste. In response, many councils are considering changes to their bulk waste collection services.

The City of Wanneroo is currently considering moving to a pre-booked service, while the City of Joondalup has expressed support for an on-call method, Perth Now has reported. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important that each council carefully weigh up the options before making a decision. On-call collection methods are generally more flexible for residents, as they can arrange for waste to be collected at a time that suits them.

However, this can also lead to increased costs for the council, as crews may need to make multiple trips to each address. Pre-booked collections are typically less expensive for councils, as they can plan their routes and make fewer trips. However, this can be less convenient for residents, who may need to take time off work or make other arrangements to be home on the day of collection.

The Council Proposal Would Restrict Hard Waste to Only up to 3m3 and Green Waste to Only up to 3m3

In Wanneroo, residents would be able to book at a time that suits them one bulk hard waste collection of up to three cubic metres, with mattresses and white goods excluded from the size restriction, and one bulk green waste collection, also up to three cubic metres. This would allow the City of Wanneroo to manage the current hard waste and green waste issues across the city, whilst providing a better service for our community. The hard waste restriction would see a reduction in the number of hard waste items being sent to landfill, whilst the green waste restriction would prevent green waste from being placed in landfill where it produces methane gas.

Will Wanneroo Council Move Away From Scheduled to On-Call Verge Collection?

It is estimated that the new system could save the city about $5 million over three years while diverting more waste from landfill. The proposed changes, which will be advertised for public comment, follow a waste transition plan implemented in 2018. The plan aimed to ensure the city’s services maximised resource recovery, minimised costs and coped with the expected population growth, which included bringing in pre-booked collection services for bulk waste.

Currently, the city offers two scheduled verge waste collections per year — one for bulk hard waste and one for greens. However, a review has been conducted to find the best-pre-booked method, which included looking at collections via a skip bin, similar to the cities of Joondalup and Stirling, but the best option was for pre-booked verge collections. This option would include an increase to four bookable services per year with extra bookable services provided if requested by ratepayers. 

The change would cost an extra $290,000 annually but would result in huge savings for the city and a reduction in environmental impact. 

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