The Devasting Waste Problem Behind Australia’s Festival Circuit

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without festivals. The music, the food, the people, the party—memories that last a lifetime, but fewer people remember the mess left behind after music festival.  Once the party is over, not many people pay attention to the amount of rubbish left behind. All that trash just sits around until […]

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The WA Plastic Bag Ban Fiasco

Are Reusable Bags Any Better For The Environment? In July 2019, retailers in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria stopped providing their customers with single-use shopping bags, a practice ACT, South Australia and Tasmania shops have been following for years. Now Perth shoppers without bags of their own have to buy reusable bags at checkout – […]

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Tips for Disposing Unwanted White Goods

Australians own over 45 million appliances and 2.5 million of these end up in rubbish tips each and every year. This takes up valuable landfill space and causes many non-renewable materials to be released into the environment. Upgrading appliances is inevitable and we all have to do it now and then but we need to […]

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Efficient Ways You Could Be Spending Your Self-Isolation

Coronavirus is making us all a little stir-crazy. Being cooped up for umpteen days may be an important thing for us to do right now but that won’t stop cabin fever from setting in. As such it is similarly important to keep ourselves occupied. Many people are doing this by exercising, watching Netflix and cooking […]

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The Easy Way to Get Rid Of Your Old Furniture

So you have some old furniture that you simply don’t want anymore. Maybe you’re moving house or you just feel it’s time for an update. It doesn’t matter why you need unwanted furniture removal in Perth. All that matters is we can help. It has become a lot harder to give furniture away but, at […]

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4 (false) Reasons Why You Might Not Want a Skip Bin

Have you ever had a bad experience with a skip bin for hire in Perth? Are you reluctant to hire one ever again? If you’ve had any of the concerns below then you’re in luck because that is not the way it has to be. There are many misconceptions about skip bin hire in Perth […]

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Bulk rubbish collections bringing out the worst in people

Most of us have sticky beaked, most of us have even salvaged a thing or two, but what began with the best of intentions has now got out of control in suburbs across Perth. The annual bulk rubbish collection. Forget about the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. What’s happening out there […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Rubbish Removers

Hiring professional rubbish removers ensures your job is completed to top quality and legal standards, while taking much of the burden off your shoulders. When doing a large job like renovating a building, hiring professional help to remove the waste gets things done in half the time so that you can get on with the […]

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Why You Should Consider a Skip Bin Hire in Perth For Your Move

Hiring a skip bin helps you keep your rubbish disposal quick and easy. Moving can be messy and stressful, especially where chucking out everything you don’t need is concerned. You barely believe the amount of stuff we  accumulate in the home until it comes the time to move! Coastal Waste Management, serving Perth, Australia, wants […]

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How Skip Bins Can Help Your Event Run Better

If you’re planning to throw a company party, a concert, or any other major event for that matter, the cleanup process can be a complete nightmare. To avoid this issue, it might be in your best interest to hire a skip bin and make trash management easier and more efficient than ever. Sure, you could […]

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